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Polices/ Terms Of Service

Policy/Terms Of Service  


By using this website, you agree to the following terms of service:



*All appliances sold by T&B Appliance come with 120-day parts and labor warranty.

*Our warranty is non transferable.

*Our warranty is void if the appliance is tampered with or attempted to be repaired by a non-T&B Appliance owner/employee.

*All sales are final, no refunds, no returns, no exchanges, unless otherwise stated from the owners.

*If an issue occurs with an appliance under our warranty, first we will try to diagnose it over the phone to try to save both us and your time of setting up an appointment to come diagnose it. If an over the phone diagnose does not resolve the issue, we will then set up a time to come diagnose the appliance.  It will be repaired in a timely manner.

*If an appliance is deemed unrepairable by the owner, it is up to our discretion for the next step such as a replacement of equal or lesser value of the unrepairable appliance or a refund.

*If parts are required to be ordered for a broken appliance under our warranty, we are not responsible for any out of stock or discontinued parts. At that point the decision will be up to the owners on what can be done to repair the appliance, replace the appliance or offer a refund. Please expect a reasonable amount of time for a part to be shipped to us if needed.

*We are not liable for customer satisfaction. Our warranty ensures that our appliances work to their full capability, it does not ensure clients personal taste, preference or expectations of the appliance.

*We only do repairs on appliances that were purchased by us. After the 120-day warranty we offer a repair service on our appliances. $50 diagnose fee for Medford, all other surrounding areas will be charged accordingly at owners’ discretion. All repairs will come with our 120-day warranty on the parts that were replaced.

*We are not liable for any issues, damage to the appliance or home, injuries, or any other problems that may occur during the time that the client installs, hooks up or during use or ownership of the appliance.

*We are not liable for any damage or injuries during time of customer transportation of the appliance, installing the appliance or moving the appliance. If any damage is done to the appliance during any of the stated times while the appliance is under warranty, appliance can be repaired at client’s expense.

*If client’s vent system in the home is dirty from lint build up or has a clog, we are not responsible for clearing it out.

* If a clogged vent system in the home causes any damage to a dryer purchased from T&B Appliance, the necessary repairs will not be covered under warranty. But we can repair it under client’s expense.

*Cash only for payment, full amount due at time of delivery or pick up.

*We recommend having the exact amount of change ready for the delivery/ pick up as we may not always have proper amount of change needed for you.

*Please have all gates open, animals such as dogs, chickens etc. put away, space ready to accommodate our delivery truck and trailer (if possible), payment ready and a designated location ready where you’d like the appliance dropped off at our scheduled time for delivery.

*We must have a 2-hour time frame of arrival for time of delivery. Please be there at that full scheduled time.

* We must have a 2-hour time frame of arrival for repairs/ warranty work. Please be there at the full scheduled


*We try our best to do same day or next day delivery for our local area. But we are only a 2 person team, so we may not always be able to deliver that quickly. If a client is 30 minutes or more outside of the Medford area, please expect a little longer wait time for delivery.

*We offer free delivery within 20 miles of our location in Medford. Outside areas will be charged accordingly at owners’ discretion.

*We do drop off delivery only, we do not install/ hook up appliances. We do not move the appliances up or down any stairs or steps.

*We can move the appliance into a garage, out of the way, under a carport or elsewhere that is reasonable for the owner to move it by himself.

*For liability reasons we can not allow a client to use any of our equipment such as hand trucks, tools, tie downs, or any other equipment owned by T&B Appliance.  

*Client’s also have the option to pick up if necessary, at our disclosed location in Medford.

*For clients who pick up an appliance from out of the local Rogue Valley area, the appliance must be brought back to us for any necessary repairs if any issues occur during the time of our warranty. We are not liable to travel out of our service area to fix an appliance unless other wise stated by the owner. We will not send parts by mail or order parts online for the client to try to fix the appliance on their own. We are not subject to pay any expenses for the client to order parts or call another appliance service to repair our appliance under our warranty. We do not owe any compensation such as fuel expenses, extended warranty, or discount on the appliance if client must travel back to us to have their appliance repaired, exchanged, or returned.

*All deposits are non-refundable.

*We are not subject to hold an appliance for a client for more than a week unless stated otherwise by the owner.  

*All clients to do due diligence to ensure dryers are the correct hook up they need (gas, electric, or propane). 

*All clients to do due diligence on all appliances measurements to ensure it will fit properly in their designated space for the appliance. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted due to buyer negligence caused by the above stated instance unless otherwise stated by the owner.

*All of our appliances are as pictured in our ads. In some cases pictures do not show minor scuffs, scratches, dents/dings or other normal wear and tear and should be expected on some appliances as they are used.

*All appliances are a on first come first serve basis unless otherwise agreed upon with the owner.

*Once client has scheduled a time for pick up or delivery of an appliance, we will mark and considerate at pending sale until the appliance is picked up or delivered.

*Our hours of operation are subject to change without notice, causes may include but not limited to holidays, emergencies, etc.

*We are not liable for any unexpected or unscheduled down time or issues with our website but will be resolved as quickly as possible.

*Our website, messages, texts, and emails are open 24/7 but may not be answered right away. All calls, messages, texts, and emails will be answered as quickly as possibly as we’re very responsive. Please allow 48 hours at a maximum for a response in case a message or call is missed, we’re busy or an emergency occurred.

*All of the above statements are subject to change at the owner’s discretion. All final decisions or resolutions are to be made by the owner.




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