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Dryer vent before and after cleaning. 

Inside dryer before and after cleaning service.

The lint from this vent filled a 30 gal trash bag! 

Dryer before cleaning.
Dryer before cleaning. 

Dryer after cleaning. 

This dryer caught fire due to exploded control board! Black smoke filled their home. 

Control board that exploded. Luckily the owners returned home before it was too late! NEVER run your appliances when you're not home!! 

Clogged dryer vent. 

Lint build up. 


Wash plate before cleaning... 

Wash plate after cleaning!

Washer outer basket before cleaning... 

Washer outer basket after cleaning. 

A squirrel made a nest inside this dryer vent, causing the dryer to take 4 cycles to dry one load of laundry!