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Continually running your dryer while your dryer duct is dirty/ clogged makes your dryer work much harder than it should in order to get your clothes dry. When you're forced to run your dryer 2-3 times through a cycle just to get your clothes dry or damp, you are fast forwarding your dryers life, causing it to break much sooner than it should've! By doing a simple, yearly maintenance cleaning, you could save your dryers life, hundreds of dollars in repair costs or replacements, the hassle of your dryer being out of order, and most importantly a dryer fire! 


Did you know that an estimate of 75% of the lint from your clothes escapes the dryer lint trap and ends up inside your dryer vent?

Over time, this escaped lint will build up inside the vent which is why all vents need a regular cleaning, some more often than others. A dirty vent will cause a wide range of issues. Including:


-Possible mold/mildew build up.

-If your dryer is gas operated and you have a neglected vent, you could be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

-Longer than usual dry times with your dryer. 

-Dryers can get hot to the touch and/or over heat, causing parts to fail. 

-And much more!

A maintained dryer duct is not just important for your dryer and its efficiency, it's for your safety as well! 



This customers complaint was that their dryer was taking multiple cycles to dry 1 load of clothes. They also noted that they heard a water-like gurgling sound coming from their dryer vent. Upon our inspection we found this large accumulation of water inside the dryer vent! So how did this happen? Dryers exhaust around 2-3 gallons of water per load. This vent has been neglected for many years, causing a large build up of lint around the diameter of the vent, not allowing the water vapor to exit properly. Over time water accumulated in a low point of the vent system and restricted the air flow of the dryer, causing it to take longer to dry. We were the 3rd, and last, company she called to try to resolve her issue. Thanks to our skilled technician and proper equipment, we were able to clear out all the water and lint on the spot! 


Dryer Vent Cleaning

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